Quick & Convenient Email Delivery

Digital Delivery serves to facilitate the process of getting our cards to you, in the fastest way possible. We scan the physical copies of our authentic USA gift cards into our system, so that they can be distributed quickly and efficiently, directly to your email’s inbox.

Don’t hassle with scratching away the film covering the codes on physical gift cards. Just open the PDF file the card arrives in, and instantly redeem it to your account seconds after it arrives.

Reliable Customer Support

Lost your card? With a physical card, losing track of a card left in a forgotten wallet, or throwing it away by mistake, would rob you of redeeming your product. With digital delivery, we have all of your orders on record. You can re-download the card from our website, or simply ask one of our support representatives to resend the card right to your email, no harm done!

eGiftCardsis the single best way to get your cards to you right away. Safe, trustworthy, and fast, all available to you, within minutes of purchase!